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public class TargetTypeTracker : ISyntaxContextReceiver
public IImmutableList<TypeDeclarationSyntax> TypesNeedingDtoGening =
public void OnVisitSyntaxNode(GeneratorSyntaxContext context)
if (context.Node is TypeDeclarationSyntax cdecl)
if (cdecl.IsDecoratedWithAttribute("generatemappeddto"))
TypesNeedingDtoGening = TypesNeedingDtoGening.Add(
context.Node as TypeDeclarationSyntax);
internal static class SourceGenExtns
internal static bool IsDecoratedWithAttribute(
this TypeDeclarationSyntax cdecl, string attributeName) =>
.SelectMany(x => x.Attributes)
.Any(x => x.Name.ToString().ToLower() == attributeName);
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