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Last active June 10, 2018 11:51
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public class TriggeredOrchestrationProcess
public ctor(IDoSomethingFilter doSomethingFilter,
IPipe<DoSomethingMessage> pipe)
// take in the dependencies
this.doSomethingFilter = doSomethingFilter
this.pipe = pipe
// this will be automatically triggered as soon
// as a message is recieved on the queue that this WebJob
// is listening on.
public void QueueTrigger(string message)
// parse the message read from the queue
var inputData = DeserialiseFromJson(message)
// pass the parsed input data to the filter to do some processing
var result = doSomethingFilter.DoSomething(inputData)
// finally, write it out to a pipe (for e.g. queue) for the next
// step in the process.
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