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Working remotely, since 2008

Enrico Zimuel ezimuel

Working remotely, since 2008
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ezimuel / gist:2769399
Created May 22, 2012
Zend\InputFilter issue
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use Zend\InputFilter\InputFilter,
$input = new Input('foo');
$inputFilter = new InputFilter();
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* Set data to use when validating and filtering
* @param array|Traversable $data
* @return InputFilterInterface
public function setData($data)
if (!is_array($data) && !$data instanceof Traversable) {
throw new Exception\InvalidArgumentException(sprintf(
ezimuel / gist:2838705
Created May 30, 2012
Zend\Math\Math::randBytes fix
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public static function randBytes($length, $strong = false)
if ($length <= 0) {
return false;
if (extension_loaded('openssl')) {
$rand = openssl_random_pseudo_bytes($length, $secure);
if ($secure === true) {
return $rand;
ezimuel / password.php
Created Jun 18, 2012 — forked from ircmaxell/password.php
Password API Example
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define('PASSWORD_SHA256', '$5$');
define('PASSWORD_SHA512', '$6$');
define('PASSWORD_BCRYPT', '$2y$');
define('PASSWORD_SCRYPT', '$7$'); // made up here
function password_hash($password, $algo = PASSWORD_BCRYPT, array $options = array()) {
$salt = '';
ezimuel / gist:2955319
Created Jun 19, 2012
Idea for a Factory abstract class
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interface FactoryInterface {
public static function factory($classname, $options = null);
public static function validate($classname);
public static function getClassMap();
abstract class AbstractFactory {
public static function factory($name, $options = null)
ezimuel / gist:2972974
Created Jun 22, 2012
Proposal for support ignore annotation with wildcard for Doctrine
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namespace MyCompany\Annotations {
* @Annotation
class Foo
public $bar;
View zend.barcode.objects.rst

Zend\Barcode\Barcode Objects

Barcode objects allow you to generate barcodes independently of the rendering support. After generation, you can retrieve the barcode as an array of drawing instructions that you can provide to a renderer.

Objects have a large number of options. Most of them are common to all objects. These options can be set in three ways:

ezimuel / gist:3129733
Created Jul 17, 2012
Script to convert all the ZF2 docs from DocBook to reStructuredText
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require 'RstConvert.php';
$zf2Bin = '/path_to_zf2/bin';
$docbookPath = '/path_to_zf2/documentation/manual/en/module_specs';
foreach (glob("$docbookPath/*.xml") as $filename) {
$fileout = RstConvert::xmlFileNameToRst(basename($filename));
echo "Generating...$fileout\n";
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ZF2 Documentation State of Art
Authentication (ok)
Barcode (ok)
Cache (to fix)
Captcha (ok)
Code (to be completed)
Config (ok)
Console (to be completed)
ezimuel / pluginmanager.php
Last active Nov 7, 2015
Experimental plugin manager compliant with ContainerInterface
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* Experimantal plugin manager complaint with ContainerInterface with options support
* using the optional Interface rule of PHP
use Interop\Container\ContainerInterface;
class PluginManager implements ContainerInterface