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Launching Directory from CLI or Terminal with Sublime
if [ ! ${DIRECT} ]; then
echo "Launching Current Directory"
open -a "Sublime Text" $DIRECT -n

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ezos86 commented Jan 31, 2015

Install Directions

Mac OS - Open Terminal


cd usr/local/bin

Next type.

sudo nano sublime

Then paste the code from the gist into the file. Then hit ctrl+x and then y to confirm you want to save. After this you will need to make the file executable. Still in the 'usr/local/bin' directory.


chmod +x sublime

Now you can type 'sublime' into the command line and specify a directory of if you don't. It will open the current directory in Sublime Text editor. Enjoy!

***NOTE: This is Sublime Text 3 - if you are going to use Sublime Text 2 - Change "Sublime Text" on line 18 to "Sublime Text 2"

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