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How to calculate radial remanence directions
import numpy as np
# example input parameters
phi_S_IV = 50
# how much each segment occupies of the whole magnet region
fractions_phi = np.array([20,20,20,20,20])
assert sum(fractions_phi) == 100
# vector of segment angular widths
delta_phi_S_values = np.array(fractions_phi)/100 * phi_S_IV
# vector of initial angular coordinates of each segment
phi_initial = np.append(np.array([0,]),np.cumsum(delta_phi_S_values)[:-1])
phi_final = phi_initial + delta_phi_S_values
alpha_radial = (phi_initial + phi_final)/2

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@fabiofortkamp fabiofortkamp commented Oct 7, 2019

This snippet corresponds to the problem of finding the remanence angles following this schematic figure:


There are $n_{\mathrm{IV}}$ wedge-like segments, each with its inital and final angular coordinates; each segment is represented by the index $k$. Their "angular widths" $\Delta \phi_k$ are equivalent to the differences between final and initial angular coordinates.

The code calculates the angular coordinates of the center point of each segment.

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