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Last active April 10, 2020 18:00
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Creates a new APIM.
# Create an API Management VNET object
$apimVirtualNetwork = New-AzApiManagementVirtualNetwork -SubnetResourceId $apimsubnetdata.Id
# Create an API-M service inside the VNET
$apimServiceName = "aumanager-apim"
$apimOrganization = "Americas University"
$apimAdminEmail = "{alias}"
$apimService = New-AzApiManagement `
-ResourceGroupName $resGroupName `
-Location $location `
-Name $apimServiceName `
-Organization $apimOrganization `
-AdminEmail $apimAdminEmail `
-VirtualNetwork $apimVirtualNetwork `
-VpnType "Internal" `
-Sku "Developer"
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