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  • Make changes on develop. Commit and push to origin.
  • Swtich to master, pull and merge from orgin.
  • IMPORTANT: You'll need to commit the build files since the build process times out on Heroku and so you need to do it locally.
  • From your Master Branch, change your .Procfile to web: ./node_modules/.bin/grunt build optimize && node server/server
  • Run $ foreman start which will simulate building on Heroku.
  • You should now have a bunch of new files in your build folder. Commit those. DONT COMMIT THE PROCFILE!
  • Now, back to normal...
  • Wait! Make sure to test the app as building and minification often breaks stuff!
  • Commit the build files: chore(build): Build and minify app;
  • In Master, bump the version in package.json and make a commit chore(release): Version bump to v.#.#.#!
  • Deploy to Heroku by pushing to heroku remote branch: $ git push BRANCH master:master. Where BRANCH is the name of your remote production OR development branch on heroku (see below)
  • Create new tag from Master following convention of v0.0.0.
  • Push Master AND Tags to github.

Development Environment

$ git remote add rs002_develop

visit at:

Production Environment

If you don't have the heroku site added, add it now:

$ git remote add rs002_production

visit at:

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