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[How to run PhotonOS 3+ on VirtualBox] #virtualbox #photonos

How to run PhotonOS 3+ on VirtualBox


Create the VM

  1. Download the latest OVA (I downloaded the one with UEFI support).

  2. Extract the OVA and grab the VMDK file.

    tar xf photon-*.ova
  3. Create a new VM and configure it to use the extracted VMDK file from the previous step.

  4. Boot up the VM.

Install Guest Additions

  1. Log into the VM (username: root, password: changeme).

  2. Set the proxy settings if needed (ie. edit /etc/sysconfig/proxy and reboot the VM).

  3. Update the installed packages and install Guest Additions prerequisites.

    tdnf update
    tdnf install tar build-essential linux-devel -y
  4. Mount the Guest Additions ISO image and run the installer.

    mkdir /mnt/cdrom
    mount /dev/cdrom /mnt/cdrom
    cd /mnt/cdrom
  5. Disable vmtoolsd service.

    systemctl disable vmtoolsd
  6. Enable Guest Additions services:

    systemctl enable vboxadd
    systemctl enable vboxadd-service
  7. Reboot the VM.

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