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find repos without local changes
# find directories containing .git subdirs
find ~/ -type d -name '.git' -print0 | xargs -n 1 -0 dirname \
| xargs -I % -n 1 bash -c 'cd "%" && pwd 1>&2; (git status --porcelain| grep -q . && [[ ! -n "`git diff`" ]] ) || echo %'\
| xargs -I % bash -c '[[ -n "`cd %; git status --porcelain; git diff;`" ]] && echo %' \
| tee /dev/stderr | sort > purportedly-empty-repos.txt
#That makes sure you don't have any uncommitted changes. But it still doesn't check to make sure you don't have unpushed commits.

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@farrellit farrellit commented Dec 13, 2017

iterating through each repo's branches to check against an upstream in bash? Maybe doable easily enough.

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