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unofficial browse url cheat sheet

Hidden browse URLs's browsing system is still being revamped, but we've started accepting a lot more metadata lately. Here's how you can browse them:

  • etc.

For example:

Valid filters are detailed below.


lang-<code>: where code is an ISO 639-1 2-letter language code, such as fr, it, de, etc.


Input methods

input-<method>: where method is one of:

  • keyboard: Keyboard
  • mouse: Mouse
  • x360: XBox 360 controllers
  • gamepad: Gamepad (any)
  • joystick: Joystick
  • touchscreen: Touchscreen
  • voice: Voice control
  • oculus_rift: Oculus Rift
  • leap_motion: Leap Motion
  • wiimote: Wiimote
  • kinect: Kinect
  • neurosky_mindwave: NeuroSky Mindwave


Average game session duration

duration-<code> where code is one of:

  • seconds: A few seconds
  • minutes: A few minutes
  • half_hour: About a half-hour
  • hour: About an hour
  • hours: A few hours
  • days: Days or more

Multiplayer support

multiplayer-<code> where code is one of:

  • local: Local multiplayer
  • server: Server-based networked multiplayer
  • adhoc: Ad-hoc networked multiplayer

Accessibility features

accessibility-<code> where code is one of:

  • colorblind: Color-blind friendly (only safe colors used, or colorblind mode available)
  • subtitles: When voice acting is used, subtitles are available
  • configurable_controls: Game has configurable/remappable controls
  • highcontrast: Interface has a high contrast
  • tutorial: Contains an interactive tutorial
  • one_button: Can play by pressing only one button
  • blind: Blind friendly (can play without any visuals)

Licenses of code

code-<license> where license is one of:

  • proprietary: All rights reserved
  • apache2: Apache License 2.0
  • mit: MIT License
  • bsd2: BSD 2-clause 'Simplified' License
  • bsd3: BSD 3-clause 'New' or 'Revised' License
  • gpl2: GNU General Public License v2.0 (GPL)
  • gpl3: GNU General Public License v3.0 (GPL)
  • epl: Eclipse Public License v1.0 (EPL)
  • artistic: Artistic License 2.0
  • lgpl2: GNU Lesser General Public License v2.1 (LGPL)
  • lgpl3: GNU Lesser General Public License v3.0 (LGPL)
  • mpl: Mozilla Public License 2.0 (MPL)
  • unlicense: Unlicense

License of assets

assets-<license> where license is one of:

  • proprietary: All rights reserved
  • cc0: Creative Commons Zero v1.0 Universal
  • cc4_by: Creative Commons Attribution v4.0 International
  • cc4_by_nd: Creative Commons Attribution-NoDerivatives v4.0 International
  • cc4_by_sa: Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike v4.0 International
  • cc4_by_nc: Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial v4.0 International
  • cc4_by_nc_nd: Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives v4.0 International
  • cc4_by_nc_sa: Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike v4.0 International
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