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Customer purchase via ecommerce
1. Customer selects items to add to cart
2. Customer goes to cart
3. Customer confirms order
4. Customer selects delivery date and timeslot
5. Customer pays for order
6. A confirmed sale order is generated
7. Copy of the order is sent to the customer
8. Staff generates an invoice in the system
9. Staff can print out the invoice or send it to the customer via email
10. When customer payment is complete, staff registers the payment in the system (for manual transfers)
11. For PayPal transfers, the payment is registered and validated automatically
12. After payment is validated, the sale order is marked as done
13. Delivery order is also generated with (6)
14. The delivery order will include the order, the scheduled date and the selected timeslot for delivery
15. Staff can print out the delivery slip as PDF to pass to the delivery person
16. When the delivery is done, staff validates the order and the delivery order is done
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