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import Foundation
public protocol NavigationControllerObserverDelegate : class {
Callback when a `viewController` is popped from the `navigationController` stack
- parameter observer: the observer that observed the pop transition
- parameter viewController: the `UIViewController` that has been popped from the stack
func navigationControllerObserver(_ observer: NavigationControllerObserver,
didObservePopTransitionFor viewController: UIViewController)
// We can't use Weak<T: AnyObject> here because we would have
// to declare NavigationControllerObserverDelegate as @objc
private class NavigationControllerObserverDelegateContainer {
private(set) weak var value: NavigationControllerObserverDelegate?
init(value: NavigationControllerObserverDelegate) {
self.value = value
The `NavigationControllerObserver` class provides a simple API to observe the
pop transitions that occur in a `navigationController` stack.
One drawback of `UINavigationController` is that its delegate is shared among multiple
view controllers and this requires a lot of bookkeeping to register multiple delegates.
`NavigationControllerObserver` allows to register a delegate per viewController we want to observe.
What's more the class provides a `navigationControllerDelegate` property used to forward all the
`UINavigationControllerDelegate` methods to another navigationController delegate if need be.
- important: The `NavigationControllerObserver` will observe only *animated* pop transitions.
Indeed, if you call `popViewController(animated: false)` you won't be notified.
public class NavigationControllerObserver : NSObject, UINavigationControllerDelegate {
All calls from `UINavigationControllerDelegate` methods are forwarded to this object
public weak var navigationControllerDelegate: UINavigationControllerDelegate? {
didSet {
// Make the navigationController reevaluate respondsToSelector
// for UINavigationControllerDelegate methods
navigationController.delegate = nil
navigationController.delegate = self
private var viewControllersToDelegates: [UIViewController: NavigationControllerObserverDelegateContainer] = [:]
private let navigationController: UINavigationController
- parameter navigationController: the `UINavigationController` we want to observe
public init(navigationController: UINavigationController) {
self.navigationController = navigationController
navigationController.delegate = self
//MARK: - NSObject
override public func responds(to aSelector: Selector!) -> Bool {
if shouldForwardSelector(aSelector) {
return navigationControllerDelegate?.responds(to: aSelector) ?? false
return super.responds(to: aSelector)
override public func forwardingTarget(for aSelector: Selector!) -> Any? {
if shouldForwardSelector(aSelector) {
return navigationControllerDelegate
return super.forwardingTarget(for: aSelector)
//MARK: - Public
Observe a pop transition in the `navigationController` stack
- parameter viewController: the `UIViewController` instance to observe in the `navigationController` stack
- parameter delegate: The delegate that will be notified of the transition
public func observePopTransition(of viewController: UIViewController,
delegate: NavigationControllerObserverDelegate) {
let wrappedDelegate = NavigationControllerObserverDelegateContainer(value: delegate)
viewControllersToDelegates[viewController] = wrappedDelegate
//MARK: - UINavigationControllerDelegate
public func navigationController(_ navigationController: UINavigationController,
didShow viewController: UIViewController,
animated: Bool) {
didShow: viewController,
animated: animated
let fromViewController = navigationController.transitionCoordinator?.viewController(forKey: .from),
!navigationController.viewControllers.contains(fromViewController) else {
if let wrappedDelegate = viewControllersToDelegates[fromViewController] {
let delegate = wrappedDelegate.value
delegate?.navigationControllerObserver(self, didObservePopTransitionFor: fromViewController)
viewControllersToDelegates.removeValue(forKey: fromViewController)
//MARK: - Private
private func shouldForwardSelector(_ aSelector: Selector!) -> Bool {
let description = protocol_getMethodDescription(UINavigationControllerDelegate.self, aSelector, false, true)
return != nil // belongs to UINavigationControllerDelegate
&& class_getInstanceMethod(type(of: self), aSelector) == nil // self does not implement aSelector
private func cleanOutdatedViewControllers() {
let viewControllersToRemove = viewControllersToDelegates.keys.filter {
$0.parent != self.navigationController
viewControllersToRemove.forEach {
viewControllersToDelegates.removeValue(forKey: $0)

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@chosa91 chosa91 commented Oct 12, 2018

Instead of NavigationControllerObserverDelegateContainer maybe you could use NSMapTable

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