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Created July 3, 2023 08:44
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Discord Midjourney Image Automation
import asyncio
import os
from getpass import getpass
from pathlib import Path
from typing import Dict, List, Optional
import boto3
import requests
from dotenv import load_dotenv
from playwright.async_api import Page, async_playwright
from sqlalchemy import create_engine, text
from sqlalchemy.engine.base import Engine
import time
from sqlalchemy.exc import OperationalError
from sqlalchemy.exc import OperationalError
def download_image(image_url: str, image_path: str, timeout: int = 5) -> str:
Downloads an image from a provided URL and saves it to a local path.
image_url (str): URL of the image to download.
image_path (str): Local path where the image will be saved, including the image file name.
timeout (int): Maximum time, in seconds, to wait for the server's response. Default is 5 seconds.
HTTPError: If there was an unsuccessful HTTP response.
Timeout: If the request times out.
str: Local path where the image has been saved.
response = requests.get(image_url, timeout=timeout)
response.raise_for_status() # Raise exception if invalid response.
with open(image_path, "wb") as f:
return image_path
def upload_to_s3(
image_path: str,
bucket: str,
s3_image_name: str,
aws_access_key_id: str,
aws_secret_access_key: str,
region_name: str,
) -> str:
Uploads an image file to an S3 bucket and returns the URL of the uploaded file.
image_path (str): Path to the image file to upload.
bucket (str): Name of the S3 bucket to upload to.
s3_image_name (str): Name to give to the file once it's uploaded.
aws_access_key_id (str): AWS access key ID.
aws_secret_access_key (str): AWS secret access key.
region_name (str): The name of the AWS region where the S3 bucket is located.
str: URL of the uploaded image in the S3 bucket.
ClientError: If there was an error uploading the file to S3.
s3 = boto3.client(
"s3", aws_access_key_id=aws_access_key_id, aws_secret_access_key=aws_secret_access_key
with open(image_path, "rb") as f:
s3_path = "blog_post_covers/" + s3_image_name # prepend the S3 'folder' name
s3.upload_fileobj(f, bucket, s3_path)
# remove the image from the local filesystem
url = f"https://{bucket}.s3.{region_name}{s3_path}"
return url
async def login_to_discord(
page: Page,
server_id: str,
channel_id: str,
email: Optional[str] = None,
password: Optional[str] = None,
auth_code: Optional[str] = None,
) -> None:
Log in to Discord via a Playwright browser page.
page (Page): Playwright browser page instance.
server_id (str): Discord server ID to navigate to after login.
channel_id (str): Discord channel ID to navigate to after login.
email (Optional[str], optional): Email to use for logging in to Discord. Defaults to None.
password (Optional[str], optional): Password to use for logging in to Discord. Defaults to None.
auth_code (Optional[str], optional): Authentication code to use for logging in to Discord. Defaults to None.
TimeoutError: If any of the page actions do not complete within the default timeout period.
discord_channel_url = f"{server_id}/{channel_id}"
await page.goto(discord_channel_url)
await page.get_by_role("button", name="Continue in browser").click()
await page.get_by_label("Email or Phone Number*").click()
if not email:
email = input("Please enter your email: ")
await page.get_by_label("Email or Phone Number*").fill(email)
await page.get_by_label("Email or Phone Number*").press("Tab")
if not password:
password = getpass("Please enter your password: ")
await page.get_by_label("Password*").fill(password)
await page.get_by_role("button", name="Log In").click()
if not auth_code:
auth_code = input("Please enter your authentication code: ")
await page.get_by_placeholder("6-digit authentication code/8-digit backup code").fill(auth_code)
await page.get_by_role("button", name="Log In").click()
async def post_prompt(page: Page, prompt: str) -> None:
Post a prompt message in Discord via a Playwright browser page.
page (Page): Playwright browser page instance.
prompt (str): The prompt to be posted in the message box.
TimeoutError: If any of the page actions do not complete within the default timeout period.
message_text_boy = page.get_by_role("textbox", name="Message #general").nth(0)
await message_text_boy.fill("/imagine ")
prompt_input = page.locator(".optionPillValue-2uxsMp").nth(0)
await prompt_input.fill(prompt, timeout=2000)
await"Enter", timeout=2000)
async def upscale_image(page: Page) -> None:
Upscale an image on a Discord channel using the U1 button.
page (Page): Playwright browser page instance.
TimeoutError: If any of the page actions do not complete within the default timeout period.
last_message = page.locator(selector="li").last
upscale_1 = last_message.locator("button", has_text="U1")
# Wait for the upscale button to be visible
while not await upscale_1.is_visible():
print("Upscale button is not yet available, waiting...")
await asyncio.sleep(5) # wait for 5 seconds
print("Upscale button is now available, clicking...")
async def get_image_url(
page: Page, timeout: int = 1000, check_interval: int = 5, max_wait: int = 30
) -> str:
Get the href attribute of the last image link on the page, retrying until it exists and the 'Vary (Strong)' button is visible.
page (Page): Playwright browser page instance.
timeout (int): Maximum time, in milliseconds, to wait for the image link. Default is 1000 milliseconds.
check_interval (int): Time, in seconds, to wait between checks for the button and image link. Default is 5 seconds.
max_wait (int): Maximum time, in seconds, to wait before giving up. Default is 30 seconds.
str: The href attribute of the last image link.
TimeoutError: If the image link does not appear within the maximum wait time.
last_message = page.locator(selector="li").last
vary_strong = last_message.locator("button", has_text="Vary (Strong)")
image_links = last_message.locator("xpath=//a[starts-with(@class, 'originalLink-')]")
start_time = time.time()
# Wait for the 'Vary (Strong)' button and an image link to appear
while True:
if await vary_strong.is_visible() and await image_links.count() > 0:
last_image_link = await image_links.last.get_attribute("href", timeout=timeout)
print("Image link is present, returning it.")
return last_image_link
print("Waiting for 'Vary (Strong)' button to appear and for image link to appear...")
# If the maximum wait time has been reached, raise an exception
if time.time() - start_time > max_wait:
raise TimeoutError(
"Waited for 30 seconds but 'Vary (Strong)' button did not appear and image link did not appear."
await asyncio.sleep(check_interval) # wait for 5 seconds
def update_db_record(
engine: Engine, s3_path: str, keyword_value: str, max_retries: int = 5, retry_wait: int = 2
) -> None:
Update a database record's blog_post_cover_image_url field with an S3 URL.
engine (Engine): SQLAlchemy Engine instance.
s3_path (str): S3 URL to be added to the blog_post_cover_image_url field.
keyword_value (str): Keyword value to identify the specific record to be updated.
max_retries (int): Maximum number of retries in case of failure. Default is 5.
retry_wait (int): Time, in seconds, to wait between retries. Default is 2 seconds.
SQLAlchemyError: If any SQLAlchemy error occurs while updating the record.
retries = 0
while retries < max_retries:
with engine.connect() as connection:
query = text(
"UPDATE keywords SET blog_post_cover_image_url = :s3_path WHERE slug = :keyword_value"
connection.execute(query, s3_path=s3_path, keyword_value=keyword_value)
break # break the loop if the operation is successful
except OperationalError:
retries += 1
print(f"OperationalError occurred. Retry {retries} of {max_retries}.")
else: # If we've exhausted all retries, re-raise the last exception
def get_records_with_null_cover_image(engine: Engine) -> List[Dict[str, str]]:
Retrieve records from the database where blog_post_cover_image_url is NULL.
engine (Engine): SQLAlchemy Engine instance.
List[Dict[str, str]]: A list of dictionaries where each dictionary represents a record
with 'slug' and 'blog_post_cover_prompt' as keys.
SQLAlchemyError: If any SQLAlchemy error occurs while retrieving the records.
with engine.connect() as connection:
query = text(
"SELECT slug, blog_post_cover_prompt FROM keywords WHERE blog_post_cover_image_url IS NULL"
result = connection.execute(query)
records = [{"slug": row[0], "blog_post_cover_prompt": row[1]} for row in result]
return records
S3_BUCKET_NAME = os.environ.get("S3_BUCKET_NAME")
S3_ACCESS_KEY_ID = os.environ.get("S3_ACCESS_KEY_ID")
S3_REGION_NAME = os.environ.get("S3_REGION_NAME")
DATABASE_URL = os.environ.get("DATABASE_URL")
DISCORD_SERVER_ID = "1124815914815201481"
DISCORD_CHANEL_ID = "1124815915297542217"
IMAGE_PATH = Path(__file__).parent / "temp_images"
async def main() -> None:
async with async_playwright() as playwright:
# playwright = await async_playwright().start()
engine = create_engine(DATABASE_URL)
browser = await playwright.chromium.launch(headless=False)
context = await browser.new_context()
page = await context.new_page()
records = get_records_with_null_cover_image(engine)
await login_to_discord(
for record in records[181:]:
slug = record["slug"]
prompt = record["blog_post_cover_prompt"]
await post_prompt(
await upscale_image(page=page)
image_url = await get_image_url(page=page)
local_image_path = IMAGE_PATH / f"{slug}.png"
image_path = download_image(image_url=image_url, image_path=local_image_path)
s3_path = upload_to_s3(
await context.close()
await browser.close()
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Hello, Can you help me find the optionPillValue class? I've been looking all day and still haven't found it :(

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