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GNOME user survey
GNOME user survey 2012
Welcome to the second GNOME user survey. This survey is not blessed by the GNOME team, it's built by users (and some developers as well).
This survey is anonymous, but all information that the users provide (raw data) will be publicly available to allow for independent analysis.
Note that you may skip questions as you like, but it should only take a few minutes to fill it completely.
In order to increase the validity of this survey, please ask people that normally wouldn't answer this survey to do so, also, if you know of somebody that doesn't have access, print it or make them available for them, and fill it online on their behalf. Also, if you know of somebody that couldn't possibly have access to this survey, please let us know, it's extremely important to know what kind of people can't be reached.
If you want to improve the survey for next year, either send an email to Felipe Contreras <> or visit this <a href="">page</a> and post a comment.
Results of the previous survey are here:
Summary of suggestions:
Analysis of the validity:
=== 01. Do you know what GNOME is? ===
[single choice]
* Yes [skip to 03]
* No
=== 02. Which of the following best resemble your desktop? ===
(click to see the image)
[single choice]
- Windows
- Mac OS X
- Unity
- Other
=== 03. What is the latest version of GNOME you are using? ===
Note: If you are using alternatives such as Cinnamon or MATE, select "other" and specify
[single choice, with other]
* 3.6
* 3.4
* 3.2
* 3.0
* 2.x
* I don't know
* I'm not using it currently
* Other, please specify
=== 04. How are you answering this survey? ===
Note: Help us reach different groups of people and identify them
[single choice, with other]
* I printed this for somebody without access to Internet
* I am acting on behalf of somebody with accessibility problems
* Somebody else has requested that I do this
* I am acting of my own accord
* I don't understand the question
* Other, please specify
=== 05. How did you hear about this survey? ===
[single choice, with other]
* A friend
* Twitter or other micro-blogging platform
* Reddit, Digg, or other social news site
* Facebook, Google+, or other social networking site
* Phoronix
* Blog (or blog planet)
* Other kind of web site
* Other - please specify
=== 06. What best describes your feeling about GNOME 3 compared to GNOME 2? ===
* It's definitely an improvement
* It's definitely worse
* I don't feel strongly either way
* I don't know
=== 07. How satisfied are you with GNOME version 3? ===
[single choice]
* completely
* mostly
* halfway
* barely
* not at all
* haven't tried it
=== 08. How satisfied are you with GNOME version 2? ===
[single choice]
* completely
* mostly
* halfway
* barely
* not at all
* never tried it
=== 09. How satisfied are you with GNOME in regards to ==
Note: For the latest version you have used
Columns: don't care / not at all / barely / halfway / mostly / completely
+ ease of use
+ documentation
+ language availability
+ accessibility
+ community
=== 10. If you could change three things in GNOME, what would they be? ===
[multiple choice(3), with other]
+ More configuration options
+ Easier configuration
+ Bring back traditional interface (GNOME 2)
+ Improve performance / footprint
+ Improve Nautilus
+ Improve notifications
+ Add shutdown / restart / suspend options
+ Improve themes
+ Better multi-monitor support
+ Listen to users
+ Improve Evolution
+ Reduce dependencies
+ Improved reliability / stability
+ Add minimize / maximize buttons
+ Add support for tiled window management
+ Faster shell search
+ Collaborate more with other communities
+ Fix driver issues
+ Integrate Zeitgeist
+ Render KDE apps seamlessly
+ Reduce dead space in the theme
+ Better compatibility with Compiz and other window managers
+ Developer attitude
+ Other (please specify)
=== 11. What features of GNOME do you rely on, and would not like them to go away? ===
Note: Please limit the number to three
[free form]
=== 12. How do you compare your current GNOME version with the version from one year ago? ===
[single choice]
* better
* no changes
* worse
* cannot say
=== 13. Where do you run GNOME? ===
[multiple choice, with other]
+ Desktop
+ Laptop
+ Netbook
+ Tablet
+ Other (please specify)
=== 14. Have you contributed to the GNOME project? ===
[single choice]
* Yes
* No
=== 15. Have you contacted the GNOME team? ===
[single choice]
* Yes, successfully
* Yes, unsuccessfully
* No, I don't know how
* No, never had the need
=== 16. Which other desktop environments have you used in recent years? ==
[multiple choice, with other]
+ Unity
+ Xfce
+ Enlightenment
+ Cinnamon
+ other (please specify)
=== 17. Are you using some window arrangement extension on top of GNOME? ==
(e.g. Compiz + plugins, Awesome TWM + GNOME, etc)
[single choice, with other]
* No, pure GNOME
* GNOME + Compiz window arrangement plugins
* I don't know
* Other (please specify)
=== 18. Do you have any comments or suggestions for the GNOME team? ===
[free form]

salinasv commented Aug 5, 2011

=== 13. Have you contacted the GNOME team? ===
(single choice)
You need a "Yes, unsuccesfully"

You better specify if you are talking about GNOME (as organization), GNOME2 or GNOME3 on each question.


felipec commented Aug 6, 2011

Good point. I'll add "Yes, unsuccessfully".

As of GNOME team vs GNOME software, I think it's overkill. Perhaps it can be specified on some questions, but not all =/

ototo commented Aug 7, 2011

Not sure if this would be right, but I'd add something about window manager / extensions being used (e.g. I'm using Gnome 2 with Awesome, on other machine - Gnome 2 + Compiz window management extensions, etc).


felipec commented Aug 17, 2011

@ototo That would be interesting to know for me, but I'm not sure how make that question in a simple way.

ototo commented Aug 17, 2011

Maybe something like the following would make sense?

=== Are you using some window arrangement extension on top of GNOME (e.g. Compiz + plugins, Awesome TWM + GNOME, etc)? ===
(single choice with other)

  1. No, pure GNOME.
  2. GNOME + Compiz window arrangement plugins.
  3. Other (please specify).

felipec commented Sep 6, 2011

@ototo Fine by me. Applied.


felipec commented Sep 6, 2011

@ototo Agh, actually, nevermind, only allows 10 questions, so I'm forced to drop a lot of them.

Unless I find somebody willing to host this.

ototo commented Sep 6, 2011

@felipec Why to drop useful questions? Create two questionnaires - GNOME SURVEY PART 1, GNOME SURVEY PART 2. Solution? :)


felipec commented Sep 8, 2011

@ototo Actually, it seems this might be hosted in phoronix, so that wouldn't be a problem :)

ototo commented Sep 8, 2011

@felipec If that still doesn't work - Google docs forms could probably be used for data gathering (those are quite powerful nowadays).


felipec commented Sep 9, 2011

I have updated it again. If there no further feedback, I guess this is what is going to ship.


felipec commented Sep 10, 2012

It's time to work on the 2012 version. I've update all the questions, and added a prepared list of suggestions based on the feedback from the 2011 results.

twright commented Sep 10, 2012

I would suggest rephrasing the options for questions 9 in a more neutral manner,
i.e. Better customization;
whilst the majority of people should be able to interpret what is meant by this,
A wider variety of customizable preferences,
would perhaps be a more neutral alternative, or in this example you could even ask something similar to,
How frequently do you have the desire to customize an aspect of your Desktop Environment?
(note this type of question is hard to ask in a reliable way, so you may want to spend some time pondering the exact phrasing)


felipec commented Sep 13, 2012

@twright I've split the question in two: more configuration options and easier configuration. I think that should cover most of the requests.

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