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felipeelias / posts.rb
Created October 3, 2011 18:23
Grouping posts by month concept
require 'date'
class Month
attr_accessor :year, :month
def initialize(year, month)
self.year = year
self.month = month
felipeelias / .gitignore
Created April 29, 2011 01:24 — forked from fnando/rubygems_proxy.rb
Rack app for caching RubyGems files. Very useful in our build server that sometimes fails due to our network or timeout.
module AuthenticationMatcher
class RequireAuthentication
def initialize(method, action, params, context)
@method = method
@action = action
@params = params
@context = context
def matches?(controller)
felipeelias / tests.watchr.rb
Created April 28, 2010 01:21 — forked from boxedup/tests.watchr
Watchr autotest file
ENV["WATCHR"] = "1"
system 'clear'
def growl(message)
growlnotify = `which growlnotify`.chomp
title = "Watchr Test Results"
message.gsub! /\[[0-9]+?m/, ''
image = message.include?('0 failures, 0 errors') ? "~/.watchr_images/pass.png" : "~/.watchr_images/fail.png"
options = "-w -n Watchr --image '#{File.expand_path(image)}' -m '#{message}' '#{title}'"
system %(#{growlnotify} #{options} &)