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@fengkx fengkx/comments.swig
Created Jun 23, 2018

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Valine Next主题 themes/next/layout/_partials/
{% if page.comments %}
<div class="comments" id="comments">
{% if (theme.duoshuo and theme.duoshuo.shortname) or theme.duoshuo_shortname %}
<div class="ds-thread" data-thread-key="{{ page.path }}"
data-title="{{ page.title }}" data-url="{{ page.permalink }}">
{% elseif theme.facebook_sdk.enable and theme.facebook_comments_plugin.enable %}
<div class="fb-comments"
data-href="{{ page.permalink }}"
data-numposts="{{ theme.facebook_comments_plugin.num_of_posts }}"
data-width="{{ theme.facebook_comments_plugin.width }}"
data-colorscheme="{{ theme.facebook_comments_plugin.scheme }}">
{% elseif theme.vkontakte_api.enable and theme.vkontakte_api.comments %}
<div id="vk_comments"></div>
{% elseif theme.disqus.enable %}
<div id="disqus_thread">
Please enable JavaScript to view the
<a href="">comments powered by Disqus.</a>
{% elseif theme.hypercomments_id %}
<div id="hypercomments_widget"></div>
{% elseif theme.youyan_uid %}
<div id="uyan_frame"></div>
{% elseif theme.livere_uid %}
<div id="lv-container" data-id="city" data-uid="{{ theme.livere_uid }}"></div>
{% elseif theme.changyan.appid and theme.changyan.appkey %}
<div id="SOHUCS"></div>
{% elseif theme.valine.enable and theme.valine.appid and theme.valine.appkey %}
<div id="valine_comment"></div>
{% endif %}
{% endif %}
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