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@ferrous26 /broken.c secret
Created Jun 13, 2011

MacRuby issue with nested modules that use the names of objective-c classes with the C API
mJSON = rb_define_module("JSON");
rb_define_module_under(mJSON, "NSString");
// TypeError: JSON::NSString:Class is not a module
// This seems to happen because a call to rb_const_defined_at will always resolve NSString
mJSON = rb_define_module("JSON");
rb_define_module_under(mJSON, "String");
// This will work, and is a reduction of how json is coded right
module JSON
module NSString
p JSON::NSString.class
p JSON::NSString::NSString.class
# this works as expected, and is how json/pure is patched (changed module from String to NSString)
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