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Abstract for Velocity - Automating Your Windows Infrastructure With Chocolatey and Puppet

Operations management on Windows sometimes feels like the wild west. There are lots of options out there that may sort of meet your needs, but not always do the best job. The most flexible approach to modernizing operations on Windows is to look to artifact independent packages that can be added to any configuration management approach.

Once you get a taste, it's like an obsession. Chocolatey is a sweet package manager for Windows. Puppet is the Configuration Manager. Put them together and you have a super power to deliver better solutions faster. Puppet and Chocolatey have been used successfully in organizations, from large to small, to transform development and operations on Windows. You may have used and/or presently use one or both of these. Come to learn how things have changed, where the future lies, and how you can be a part of it. The future is now.

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