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fffej / StableMarriageProblem.hs
Created Jul 14, 2014
Stable Marriage Problem
View StableMarriageProblem.hs
import Data.List
import Data.Maybe
stableMatch :: (Eq m, Eq w) => [(m,[w])] -> [(w,[m])] -> [(m,w)]
stableMatch ms ws = stableMatch' []
stableMatch' ps = case unmarried ms ps of
Just unmarriedMan -> stableMatch' (findMatch unmarriedMan ws ps)
Nothing -> ps
View DynamicTimeWarping.hs
dtw :: V.Vector a -> V.Vector a -> (a -> a -> Int) -> Array (Int,Int) Int
dtw x y cost = runSTArray $ do
let n = V.length x
m = V.length y
maxcost = maxBound
d <- newArray ((0,0),(m,n)) 0
forM_ [1..n] (\i -> writeArray d (0,i) maxcost)
forM_ [1..m] (\i -> writeArray d (i,0) maxcost)
forM_ [1..n] $ \i ->
forM_ [1..m] $ \j -> do
fffej / DynamicTimeWarpingWin.hs
Created Jul 21, 2014
View DynamicTimeWarpingWin.hs
dtwWin :: V.Vector a -> V.Vector a -> (a -> a -> Int) -> Int -> Array (Int,Int) Int
dtwWin x y cost window = runSTArray $ do
let n = V.length x
m = V.length y
maxCost = maxBound
w = max window (abs (n - m)) -- constrain window size
d <- newArray ((0,0),(m,n)) maxCost
writeArray d (0,0) 0
forM_ [1..n] $ \i ->
forM_ [max 1 (i-w) .. min m (i+w)] $ \j -> do
View WarpingPath.hs
warpingPath :: Array (Int,Int) Int -> [(Int,Int)]
warpingPath arr = go (w,h) []
(_,(w,h)) = bounds arr
go p@(x,y) xs
| x == 0 && y == 0 = p : xs
| otherwise = go minVal (minVal : xs)
minVal = minimumBy (comparing (arr !)) [down,downLeft,left]
down = (max 0 (x-1),max 0 y)
View gist:791cf604e8feada28439
var foos = new List<int>{1,2,3,4};
var bars = new List<int>();
foreach(var foo in foos) {
// versus.
View gist:132843
(defn contains-value?
[coll val]
(not (nil? (some (partial = val) coll))))
(defn executing?
"Is x of the form: (executing ...)?"
(and (seq? x) (= 'executing (first x))))
(defn convert-op
View gist:134503
(deftest test-pattern-matching
(is (= fail (pat-match '(i need a ?X) '(i really need a vacation))))
(is (= no-bindings (pat-match '(this is easy) '(this is easy))))
(is (= fail (pat-match '(?X is ?X) '((2 + 2 is 4)))))
(is (= '{?X (2 + 2)} (pat-match '(?X is ?X) '((2 + 2) is (2 + 2)))))
(is (= '{?P (Mr Hulot and I) ?X (a vacation)} (pat-match '((?* ?P) need (?* ?X))
'(Mr Hulot and I need a vacation))))
(is (= '{?X (1 2 a b)} (pat-match '((?* ?X) a b (?* ?X)) '(1 2 a b a b 1 2 a b)))))
View gist:134781
(defn read-symbol
"Read a single symbol from a string returning nil on failure"
(read s false nil))
(defn get-response
"Get a response from the given string"
(with-open [r (PushbackReader. (StringReader. s))]
View gist:138049
(defstruct virtualmachine :mem :counter :inport :outport :status :firstrun :user)
(defn increment-counter
(assoc vm :counter (inc (:counter vm))))
(defn memory-put
"Update the memory specified by the key with the address to the given value"
[vm key addr val]
(assoc vm key (assoc (key vm) addr val)))
View gist:138052
(defn run-machine
"Run the virtual machine with the decoded instructions."
[vm ops update-input]
(fn [v [op args]]
(increment-counter (op v args)))
(update-input vm)
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