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Calculates the mean and median distance between lemma occurances in the Greek New Testament
from gnt_data import get_tokens, TokenType
from collections import defaultdict, namedtuple
from tabulate import tabulate
from statistics import mean, median
gnt_lemmas = get_tokens(TokenType.lemma)
data = defaultdict(list)
# loop in order, thus _i_ is the possition of
# the word in the data
for i, lemma in enumerate(gnt_lemmas):
# now for each word calculate the distance
# between occurances and divide by the
# total number of occurances
stats = []
Stats = namedtuple("Stats", "lemma mean median total")
for lemma, occurances in data.items():
total_occurances = len(occurances)
last_occurance = occurances[0]
distances = []
for i in occurances[1:]:
distances.append(i - last_occurance)
last_occurance = i
if distances:
median(distances), total_occurances))
# sort by the total number of occurances
sorted_stats = sorted(stats,
key=lambda x: x.mean,
# filter out words occuring less than 25 times
filtered_stats = [x for x in sorted_stats if > 24]
# Present results
START = 25
END = 50
headers=('lemma', 'mean', 'median', 'total' )))
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