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A variation of the Ultimaker 3 definition for Cura 2.4 that only has a single extruder so it can use One at a Time printing
"id": "ultimaker3_single",
"version": 2,
"name": "Ultimaker 3 single extrusion",
"inherits": "ultimaker3",
"metadata": {
"quality_definition": "ultimaker3"
"overrides": {
"machine_extruder_count": { "default_value": 1 },
"prime_tower_enabled": { "value": false }

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@mifga mifga commented Oct 25, 2017

this is very cool! are you actively using this with Cura 3.0.3 by any chance?


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@fieldOfView fieldOfView commented Feb 14, 2018

I missed your comment somehow. No, I don't even have an Ultimaker 3, I just made it because people requested being able to print one-at-a-time with the UM3. Since Cura 2.6, you can set the number of extruders of the Ultimaker 3 to 1 inside Cura (see Machine Settings on the Printers pane of the preferences), so you no longer have to use this workaround.

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