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Last active Mar 31, 2022
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VS Code Insiders PR for Gitpod


Update code to 1.x.x

How to test

  • Switch to VS Code Insiders in settings.
  • Start a workspace.
  • Test following:
    • terminals are preserved and resized properly between window reloads
    • WebViews are working
    • extension host process: check language smartness and debugging
    • extension management (installing/uninstalling)
    • install the VIM extension to test web extensions
    • that user data is synced across workspaces as well as on workspace restarts, especially for extensions
      • extensions from .gitpod.yml are not installed as sync
      • extensions installed as sync are actually synced to all new workspaces
    • settings should not contain any mentions of MS telemetry
    • WebSockets and workers are properly proxied
      • diff editor should be operatable
      • trigger reconnection with window.WebSocket.disconnectWorkspace(), check that old WebSockets are closed and new opened of the same amount
    • workspace specific commands should work, i.e. F1 → type Gitpod prefix
    • that a PR view is preloaded on the PR URL
    • test gp open and gp preview
    • test open in VS Code Desktop, check gp open and gp preview in task/user terminals
    • telemetry data is collected in Segment

Release Notes


/werft analytics=segment|TEZnsG4QbLSxLfHfNieLYGF4cDwyFWoe

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