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db ascii
uitiesoftheself ishandth
etyrannyofevi lmen.Bl
essedishewho,in thenam
eofcharityandgoo dwill
,shepherdst heweak throughthev alley
ofdarkness,forheist rulyhisbrother' skee
perandthefinderof lostchildren.AndIwill
strik edownuponth eewithgreatvengeancea
ndfuriousangerthosew howouldatte mpttopois
onanddestroyMybroth ers.AndyouwillknowMyn
ameistheLordwhenIlayMyvengeanceupont hee.T
hepat hoftherighteousman isbese
tonal lsidesb ythein
iquiti esofth
eselfi shandt
hetyra nnyofe
vilme n.Bl essedi
shew ho,in the nameof
char ityandgood will, shepherds
thewe akthrough theva lleyofdarkne
ss,fo rheistruly hisbr other' skee
peran dthefinde roflo stchild ren.A
ndIwi llstriked ownupo ntheewi thgre
atven geancean dfuriousangerthosewh owoulda ttemp
ttop oisonand destroyMybrothers.Andyouwill knowM
ynam eistheL ordwh enIla yMyvengean ceupon
thee .Thepath oft herighteousmanisb eseton
allsi desby thein iquitiesoftheselfi shandth
etyr annyo fevilme n.Blessedishewho,in thenameo
fchar ityandgoodwill ,shepher dstheweak
throu ghthevalleyo fdar kness, forh eistr
ulyhis brot her' skeepe randthef
indero flo stchi ldre
n.AndIwi llst riked ownu
ponthee with greatvengeance
and furiousang erth osewhowouldatte
mpttopo isonanddestroyMyb rot hers.An d
youwillknowMyn ameistheLordwhenIlayM yven geanceu
pont hee.Thepathoft herighteousmani sbesetonallsidesbythe
iniq uitiesofth eselfishand thetyrannyofevilmen
.Ble ssedis hewho,inthen ameof charityandg
oodwill,sh epherdsthew eakt
hrought hevalley ofda
rkn ess,fo rhei
struly hisb
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