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import Foundation // Always import Foundation, no matter what you're developing
public struct Interview // Use structs, Apple loves structs, then me too. Why? Cause Apple love structs.
// ¡Oh fortuna! ¿por qué eres tan esquiva conmigo? (Yes, spanish too)
private var result: Bool
/// Human readable result.
public var resultMessage: String
return self.result ? "`da` one (⌐■_■)" : "not going to talk about that. ¬_¬"
My interview at Apple
public init()
self.result = Bool.random() // Yes, I paid attention at "What's new in Swift" WWDC 2018 session
// Tadaaaa!
let interview = Interview()
print("Hey [applicant name here]. What's about your job interview at Apple?")
print("Weel I'm \(interview.resultMessage)")
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