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Last active Nov 4, 2020
What would you like to do? Multipart Python Example
import json
import requests
from urllib3.filepost import encode_multipart_formdata, choose_boundary
from urllib3.fields import RequestField
def encode_multipart_related(fields, boundary=None):
if boundary is None:
boundary = choose_boundary()
body, _ = encode_multipart_formdata(fields, boundary)
content_type = str('multipart/related; boundary=%s' % boundary)
return body, content_type
def encode_media_related(metadata, media, media_content_type):
# Field 1: Metadata
rf1 = RequestField(
headers={'Content-Type': 'application/json; charset=UTF-8'},
# Field 2: Media
rf2 = RequestField(
headers={'Content-Type': media_content_type},
return encode_multipart_related([rf1, rf2])
# Set the project metadata
metadata = {
'name': 'My test project',
'csvOptions': {
'textColumn': 'my_csv_text_column',
'dateColumn': 'my_csv_date_column'
'team_ids': ["team_id_one", "team_id_two"]
# Initialize media before reading the file
media = ''
# Read the file we want to upload and set as media
with open('dataset.csv') as f:
media =
# Set the body and headers for the request
# Get the API token from the Admin section
token = 'YOUR_API_TOKEN'
media_content_type = 'text/csv'
body, content_type = encode_media_related(metadata, media, media_content_type)
headers = {
'Content-Type': content_type,
'Authorization': str('Bearer %s' % token),
endpoint = ""
r =, data=body, headers=headers)
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