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Minimize Change Output for Bitcoin transactions, naive implementation
Suppose you are given a list of possible Bitcoin that you control (inputs). You
need to pay someone exactly 0.71 BTC. How would you select exactly 2 inputs in
such a way as to minimize the change output if you could ignore fees? Write a
python function that selects the two inputs.
from itertools import permutations
TEST_INPUTS = [0.21, 0.59, 1.34, 3.45, 0.3, 0.84, 0.53, 0.62, 0.70, 0.21, 0.44,
0.28, 0.39, 200.9, 4.34]
PAYMENT = 0.71
def run(inputs, payment):
Runs the program and prints result to std out.
filtered_inputs = filter_larger_than_payment(inputs, payment)
best_combo = find_best_combo(filtered_inputs, payment)
def filter_larger_than_payment(inputs, payment):
Filters inputs that are larger than the payment since they can not be
relevant for the solution.
return [input for input in inputs if input < payment]
def find_best_combo(inputs, payment):
Finds the smallest combination of inputs that are combined still larger
than the payment.
best_combo = (payment, payment)
for combo in permutations(inputs, 2):
(val1, val2) = combo
if val1 + val2 == payment:
best_combo = combo
elif val1 + val2 < payment:
elif val1 + val2 < best_combo[0] + best_combo[1]:
best_combo = combo
return best_combo
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