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Created Jun 1, 2016

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Did you know your webapp had superpowers? by Szmozsánszky István (Flaki), Frontend Trainer @ DPC Consulting

Progressive Webapps' are just the nicer-sounding version of 'YES, the web can now do that too!' to inquiries about features that were previously reserved for native apps only.. but we are well past that point when offline-first or even native web-based push notifications were news. The unstoppable evolution of web technologies have moved onto greener pastures: storage improvements, improved JavaScript hardware access and new low-level APIs (like service workers themselves) make it possible to shout into your phone to control a game, transpile unsupported JavaScript features on demand and some other exciting/handy/futuristic usecases we are going to explore.

nolan pwa live streamed tomorrow

jeremy keith


purpose of PhoneGap to cease to exist


  • The ability to focus the camera (when used as an inline object)
  • Access to list camera roll images (inline)
  • Inbound share intent (i.e. sharing to our web app, aka "web intents" of yesteryear)
  • Client side transcoding and compression (of video in particular)
  • Filters via WebGL (and using CSS for fast previews)
  • Inline video and audio playback (long available in Chrome and hackable for iOS)
  • Fast loading shell: Service Workers and Intersection Observer API
  • Push notifications

screamy bird

diff cam

service worker v1

foreign fetch


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