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Annotate a tree with a heat map
def plot_heat_tree(heatmap_file, tree_file, output_file=None):
Plot heatmap next to a tree. The order of the heatmap **MUST** be the same,
as order of the leafs on the tree. The tree must be in the Newick format. If
*output_file* is specified, then heat-tree will be rendered as a PNG,
otherwise interactive browser will pop-up with your heat-tree.
heatmap_file: str
Path to the heatmap file. The first row must have '#Names' as first
element of the header.
e.g. #Names, A, B, C, D
row1, 2, 4, 0, 4
row2, 4, 6, 2, -1
tree_file: str
Path to the tree file in Newick format. The leaf node labels should
be the same as as row names in the heatmap file. E.g. row1, row2.
output_file: str, optional
If specified the heat-tree will be rendered in that file as a PNG image,
otherwise interactive browser will pop-up. **N.B.** program will wait
for you to exit the browser before continuing.
import numpy
from ete2.treeview.faces import add_face_to_node
from ete2 import ClusterTree, TreeStyle, AttrFace, ProfileFace
# To operate with numbers efficiently
# Loads tree and array
t = ClusterTree(tree_file, heatmap_file)
# nodes are linked to the array table
array = t.arraytable
# Calculates some stats on the matrix. Needed to establish the color
# gradients.
matrix_dist = [i for r in xrange(len(array.matrix))\
for i in array.matrix[r] if numpy.isfinite(i)]
matrix_max = numpy.max(matrix_dist)
matrix_min = numpy.min(matrix_dist)
matrix_avg = matrix_min+((matrix_max-matrix_min)/2)
# Creates a profile face that will represent node's profile as a
# heatmap
profileFace = ProfileFace(matrix_max, matrix_min, matrix_avg, 1000, 14, "heatmap",colorscheme=2)
nameFace = AttrFace("name", fsize=8)
# Creates my own layout function that uses previous faces
def mylayout(node):
# If node is a leaf
if node.is_leaf():
# And a line profile
add_face_to_node(profileFace, node, 0, aligned=True)
add_face_to_node(nameFace, node, 1, aligned=True)
# Use my layout to visualize the tree
ts = TreeStyle()
ts.layout_fn = mylayout
heatmap = 'heatmap.txt'
tree_file = 'eg.tree'
plot_heat_tree(heatmap, tree_file)
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