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flesueur /
Created Apr 5, 2020
Serverstats/Cacti script for BigBlueButton usage
# Output is nbmeetings nbattendees nbvideosin nbvideoout
# hostname and secret should be configured (bbb-conf --secret)
import requests
import hashlib
from lxml import etree
hostname = "<YourHostname>"
secret = b"<YourSecret>"
flesueur /
Created Jun 26, 2018
Delete (very) old tweets obtained from a twitter archive
# Largely copied from
# However, Mathew's script cannot delete tweets older than something like a year (these tweets are not available from the twitter API)
# This script is a complement on first use, to delete old tweets. It uses your twitter archive to find tweets' ids to delete
# How to use it :
# - download and extract your twitter archive (tweet.js will contain all your tweets with dates and ids)
# - put this script in the extracted directory
# - complete the secrets to access twitter's API on your behalf and, possibly, modify days_to_keep
# - delete the few junk characters at the beginning of tweet.js, until the first '[' (it crashed my json parser)
# - review the script !!!! It has not been thoroughly tested, it may have some unexpected behaviors...