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Created April 14, 2019 23:24
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Convert WMA/WMV to Vorbis/Theora, useful for XNA Windows games
set -e
find -name "*.wma" -exec bash -c 'ffmpeg -i "{}" -q:a 10 "${0/.wma}.ogg"' {} \;
find -name "*.wmv" -exec bash -c 'ffmpeg -i "{}" -q:v 10 -q:a 10 "${0/.wmv}.ogv"' {} \;
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rfht commented Jun 1, 2019

The following is an alternative implementation for the video part using gstreamer for potential use on platforms without ffmpeg, or where ffmpeg exists without compiled-in support for Theora/VP3. Because of the gst-launch syntax, it is a little more involved. The resulting script runs on OpenBSD's ksh and may even be completely Bourne shell compatible (unlike the above ${0/.wmv} which is a bashism).

Tested with the .wmv files of Cthulhu Saves the World and Cloudberry Kingdom.

for vfile in $(find . -name "*.wmv"); do
        gst-launch-1.0 filesrc location="$vfile" ! \
                decodebin name=demux ! \
                queue ! videoconvert ! theoraenc ! oggmux name=mux ! \
                filesink location="$(echo "$vfile" | rev | \
                cut -d. -f2-$(($(echo "$vfile" | tr -dc '.' | wc -c) + 1)) \
                | rev).ogv" demux. ! queue ! audioconvert ! audioresample ! vorbisenc ! mux. 

PS: I tried adding a progressreport, but that lead to file conversions never finishing, so no progress report in this version...

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rfht commented Jun 1, 2019

PPS: credit to Bryan Steele from OpenBSD and our OpenBSD gaming group who came up with the gst-launch syntax. The subshell acrobatics are mine...

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