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simple pubsub - the angular way
'use strict';
(function() {
var mod = angular.module("", []);
//register other services here...
/* pubsub - based on*/
mod.factory('pubsub', function() {
var cache = {};
return {
publish: function(topic, args) {
cache[topic] && $.each(cache[topic], function() {
this.apply(null, args || []);
subscribe: function(topic, callback) {
if(!cache[topic]) {
cache[topic] = [];
return [topic, callback];
unsubscribe: function(handle) {
var t = handle[0];
cache[t] && d.each(cache[t], function(idx){
if(this == handle[1]){
cache[t].splice(idx, 1);
return mod;

$.each instead of d.each, and I would even replace this by a for loop to make it jQuery independant


@standup75 or replace it with angular.forEach


Problem I'm having with this is the unsubscribe. My subscribed functions are defined with in the controllers and each time the view / controller is navigated to it re-subscribes.

The cache array gets bigger and bigger without unsubscribe working so the controller is being triggered multiple times depending how many times the user has accessed the view/controller.

I've tried unsubscribing a named function on each instantiation of the view but of course in the cache array the original subscribed function is not the same reference so it this == handle[1] is never true.

I've tried anonymous, var myProcess = function() and $scope.myProcess = function but each of these declarations are not the same reference when AngularJS re-runs my controller.

Any ideas?


@NickBarton . There you have automatic unsubscriptions when the scope is destroyed.

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