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Installing OSX Sierra from scratch

List & install software updates

softwareupdate --list
sudo softwareupdate --verbose --install --all

Set computer name

sudo scutil --set ComputerName $COMPUTER_NAME
sudo scutil --set LocalHostName $COMPUTER_NAME
sudo scutil --set HostName $COMPUTER_NAME

Screen saver / lock

  • System Preferences > Desktop & Screen Saver > Screen Saver > Hot Corners > Top Right
    • Start Screen Saver
  • System Preferences > Security & Privacy > General
    • Require password immediately after sleep or screen saver begins


  • System Preferences > Accessibility > Zoom
    • Use keyboard shortcuts to zoom
  • System Preferences > Accessibility > Mouse & Trackpad > Trackpad Options
    • Check "Enable dragging"
    • Select "three finger drag"

Dock settings

defaults write static-only -bool TRUE
defaults write autohide -bool TRUE
defaults write showhidden -bool TRUE
killall Dock

Trackpad gestures

  • System Preferences > Trackpad > Point & Click > Tap to click
    • Check checkbox

Keyboard shortcuts

  • System Preferences > Keyboard > Shortcuts > App Shortcuts > All Applications
    • Click "+" to add "Zoom" with shortcut cmd-shift-M

Date & time

  • System Preferences > Date & Time > Clock > Date options
    • Check "Show date" checkbox


  • System Preferences > Sound > Sound Effects > Alert Volume
    • Move slider to minimum

Battery usage

  • Click on battery icon in status bar
    • Enable "Show Percentage" option


  • System Preferences > Keyboard > Keyboard
    • Tick "Show keyboard and emoji viewers in menu bar" checkbox

Finder preferences

sfltool add-item file:///Users/jamesmead/Dropbox/Inbox%20-%20Personal 
sfltool add-item file:///Users/jamesmead/Dropbox/Inbox%20-%20Work
sfltool add-item file:///Users/jamesmead/Code


Install dotfiles from

mkdir ~/bin

Install Homebrew

/usr/bin/ruby -e "$(curl -fsSL"

Install tools

Follow post-install instructions in each case.

brew install git
brew install hub
brew install bash-completion
brew install wget
brew install trash
brew install nmap
brew install rclone
brew install ag
brew install tree
brew install phantomjs
brew install neovim
# brew install vim --with-override-system-vi
brew install awscli
brew install jq
brew install heroku
brew install postgres
brew install tldr
brew install openshift-cli
brew install elasticsearch
brew install kibana
brew install grv
brew install tidy-html5
brew install httpie
brew install ffmpeg
brew install openssl
brew install fd
brew install saulpw/vd/visidata
brew install youtube-dl
brew install fzf
brew install gnupg
brew install go

Install apps


cd ~/Code/
mkdir lysyi3m
cd lysyi3m
git clone
cd osx-terminal-themes
open "schemes/Solarized Dark.terminal"
open "schemes/Solarized Light.terminal"
defaults write "Default Window Settings" "Solarized Dark"
defaults write "Startup Window Settings" "Solarized Dark"
killall Terminal


brew cask install dropbox
  • Sign in
  • Click through introduction
  • Start syncing

Google Chrome

brew cask install google-chrome


brew cask install firefox


brew cask install 1password
  • Sync from Dropbox
  • Install browser extensions
  • Add other vaults

Google drive

brew cask install google-backup-and-sync

Kindle for Mac

brew cask install kindle
  • Sign in
  • Setup
  • Start syncing


brew cask install slack


brew cask install doxie

Atom editor

brew cask install atom
apm install language-elm
apm install language-diff
apm install language-docker
apm install language-puppet
apm install language-groovy
apm install markdown-pdf
apm install linter
apm install linter-ruby
apm install linter-eslint
apm install linter-shellcheck
apm install linter-tidy
apm install formatter
apm install formatter-tidy # set options from freerange/site `Spider#normalize_artefacts`
apm install atom-ternjs

VS Code

brew cask install visual-studio-code


  • This fork fixes a problem with Objective-C garbage collection in Sierra
brew cask install rowanj-gitx


brew cask install docker

# From
curl -L -o $(brew --prefix)/etc/bash_completion.d/docker
# From
curl -L -o $(brew --prefix)/etc/bash_completion.d/docker-compose


brew cask install spotify


brew cask install minecraft

Calibre eBook reader

brew cask install calibre

Vienna RSS reader

brew cask install vienna

Tunnelblick (VPN client)

brew cask install tunnelblick

OpenCPN (Marine navigation)

brew cask install opencpn


brew cask install caskroom/versions/java8

Quicklook plugin for Markdown

brew cask install qlmarkdown

Meld merge tool

brew cask install meld
git config --global merge.tool meld

Mac App Store CLI

brew install mas


mas search Pages
409201541 Pages (7.0)

mas install 409201541


mas search XCode

mas install 497799835

GoPro Quik

brew cask install quik

Chrome Driver

brew cask install chromedriver


brew cask install keybase


brew cask install vlc

Winds (RSS)

brew cask install winds


brew cask install ccmenu


go get -u

Quicklook plugins

brew cask install qlmarkdown quicklook-json


brew install rbenv && rbenv init
brew install mysql && brew services start mysql
brew install mongodb brew services start mongodb
brew install redis && brew services start redis
brew install imagemagick

Follow these instructions to install rbenv-aliases plugin.

GOV.UK development

brew cask install virtualbox
brew cask install virtualbox-extension-pack
brew cask install vagrant

cd ~/Code/alphagov/govuk-puppet
# ensure virtualbox guest additions are up-to-date
vagrant plugin install vagrant-vbguest
vagrant plugin install vagrant-dns
# creates TLD by creating `/etc/resolver/`
vagrant dns --install

brew install openconnect

Install virus-scanning tool for use on OSX

Follow these instructions.

For govuk-terraform-provisioning


brew tap Yleisradio/terraforms
brew install chtf
# and follow instructions
# reload bash environment
cd Code/alphagov/govuk-terraform-provisioning
chtf `cat .terraform-version`

DNS for dev TLD

brew install dnsmasq
echo "address=/.dev/" >>/usr/local/etc/dnsmasq.conf
sudo bash -c 'echo "nameserver" > /etc/resolver/dev'
sudo brew services start dnsmasq

Enable FileVault

sudo fdesetup enable
  • Supply username & password
  • Record recovery key
  • Reboot
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