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sencha paris topics

  • command line tools
  • ST1 + Android wasn't great experience, what about ST2?
  • Ext4/ST theming (not just color scheme)
  • Intermediate/advanced coding topics like:

    • how does the "split dom" feature work?
    • how to create your own layout?
    • leveraging the new class system (adding your own pre/post processors)
    • how to create your own grid plugin?
    • custom drag and drop (custom proxy, custom drag zone, custom drop zone)
  • Feedback on app migration (Ext 3 -> Ext 4, native -> ST)

  • UI testing (Siesta? PhantomJS?)
  • Illumination (Firefox Extension for ExtJS dev)
  • Code examples:
    • XTemplates/DataView
    • MVC
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