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Change username for cm:owner cm:creator cm:modifier in Alfresco Javascript Console
var ctx =;
var behaviourFilter = ctx.getBean("policyBehaviourFilter");
// -----------------------------------------------------------------
function findAndReplaceAttribute(query, attribute, value) {
nodes = search.luceneSearch(query);
for each(var node in nodes) {
logger.log("Changing property "+attribute+" from value '"+[attribute]+"' of node " + node.nodeRef + " to value '"+value+"'");
behaviourFilter.disableBehaviour(node.nodeRef);[attribute] = value;;
// -----------------------------------------------------------------
var oldUser = "oldusername", newUser = "newusername";
findAndReplaceAttribute("+@cm\\:modifier:" + oldUser, "cm:modifier", newUser);
findAndReplaceAttribute("+@cm\\:creator:" + oldUser, "cm:creator", newUser);
findAndReplaceAttribute("+@cm\\:owner:" + oldUser, "cm:owner", newUser);

Hi Florian.
In Alfresco One 5.1 i have this error :
org.springframework.extensions.webscripts.WebScriptException: 00180057 Wrapped Exception (with status template): 001815817 Failed to execute script 'Javascript Console Script': Invalid bean definition with name 'policyBehaviourFilter' defined in class path resource [alfresco/policy-context.xml]: Can only specify arguments for the getBean method when referring to a prototype bean definition

I'll try to fix it or another solution


This should work on Alfresco 5.x:

var ctx =;
var cls = org.alfresco.repo.policy.BehaviourFilterImpl;

var behaviourFilters = ctx.getBeansOfType(cls);
var filter = null;
for (var i in behaviourFilters) {
	if (i === "policyBehaviourFilter") {
		filter = behaviourFilters[i];;


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