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Last active Apr 6, 2021
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A draft of a path traversal sanitizer for Jazzer
class PathTraversalSanitizer {
@MethodHook(type = HookType.AFTER, targetClassName = "",
targetMethod = "<init>", targetMethodDescriptor = "(Ljava/lang/String;)")
public static void
fileConstructorHook(MethodHandle method, Object thisObject, Object[] arguments, int hookId, Object returnValue) {
File file = (File) thisObject;
String pathname = (String) arguments[0];
try {
// Check whether the canonical path of `file` lies inside a known list of allowed paths.
if (!file.getCanonicalPath().startsWith("/expected/path")) {
// If not, throw a distinctive exception that is reported by Jazzer.
throw new PotentialPathTraversalException();
} catch(IOException e) {
// ...
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