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Upgrade Test Kitchen to 1.4.0 in an existing ChefDK installation

If you're using ChefDK and find you can't wait for the next release to come out (which will out be shortly), you might want to give the chefdk-update-app project a spin to update test-kitchen (follow the setup instructions in the README).

Upgrade test-kitchen

Upgrade test-kitchen with the following for Unix-based workstations:

sudo -E ./bin/ test-kitchen -r v1.4.0

For Windows-based workstations (from PowerShell):

& bin\chefdk-update-app.bat test-kitchen -r v1.4.0

Install winrm-transport

If you want to spin up Windows instances, an additional gem is required called winrm-transport. Don't worry if you forget this step, kitchen command executed in a project with a Windows instance will halt with an error message reminding you to install this. For ChefDK, you can install this with:

chef gem install winrm-transport --version "~> 1.0"

(Bonus) Install Current Version of kitchen-vagrant

There has also been a release of kitchen-vagrant which you can upgrade to. To update the kitchen-vagrant gem, simply run:

chef gem install kitchen-vagrant --version "~> 0.17" --minimal-deps
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