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attempting to learn how to better learn

Fogus fogus

attempting to learn how to better learn
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12 Icehouse designs in 2014
2014-12-30 00:36:15 -0800
gamedes icehouse

At one point this year I decided to challenge myself to create 10 Icehouse game designs this year. The precise reasoning for my self-imposed challenge is lost to the dustbin of history (or perhaps at the bottom of a wine glass). That said, the challenge was set and amazingly I managed to meet it. The following games were designed by me in 2014 (sorted in order of my favorite):

  1. [Logistics][l1] -- *I actually think that this is a legitimately
fogus / dcs.rkt
Created Jul 26, 2019 — forked from rain-1/dcs.rkt
Dotted Canonical S-expressions - DCSexps
View dcs.rkt
#lang racket
;; printing s-exps as DCS and TDCS, plus examples of what DCS and TDCS look like
(define (dcs l)
(cond ((pair? l)
(display ".")
(dcs (car l))
(dcs (cdr l))))
fogus /
Created Jul 8, 2019 — forked from frenchy64/
Notes on JavaScript prototypes

Why Objects were successful

  • essense of objects is (dynamic) dispatch
  • dispatch provides interoperability
  • first-class interoperability is critical to frameworks and ecosystems
  • frameworks and ecosystems are economically critical to the software industry
  • likely a significant factor in objects' success
  • Also talks about early mistakes in Simula

Why objects are inevitable

View time.txt
"Programs with Common Sense" by JMC
"Situations, Actions, and Causal Laws" by JMC
"A Framework for Representing Knowledge" by Minsky
"Why Object-Oriented Languages Need Tail Calls" by GLS
"Worlds: Controlling the Scope of Side-Effects" by Warth, Ohshima, Kaehler, Kay
View maze-generation
(require '[clojure.string :as s])
(defn north-of [[row col]] [(dec row) col])
(defn south-of [[row col]] [(inc row) col])
(defn west-of [[row col]] [row (dec col)])
(defn east-of [[row col]] [row (inc col)])
(defn neighbours [rows cols cell]
View mccarthy-eval.lisp
; John McCarthy, Artificial Intelligence Laboratory, Stanford University
; for CL : Rainer Joswig,
; this version runs in a Common Lisp
fogus / magic-the-gathering-card-spec.clj
Created Jul 13, 2018 — forked from robert-stuttaford/magic-the-gathering-card-spec.clj
Noodling around with core.spec, modelling M:tG card data
View magic-the-gathering-card-spec.clj
(ns magic-the-gathering-card-spec
(:require [clojure.spec :as s]
[clojure.spec.gen :as gen]))
(s/def ::pos-int (s/and int? (complement neg?)))
(s/def ::set string?)
(s/def ::set-number ::pos-int)
(s/def ::artist string?)
View MOP-COLA.adoc
fun send(rcv, msg, args) {
  cls = rcv.isa
  if (cls.isa == STD_CLS)
    method = builtin_lookup(rcv, msg)
    method = send(cls, "lookup", msg)
  method(rcv, args)
View units.clj
(ns party.units
(:refer-clojure :exclude [+ - * /])
(:require [clojure.algo.generic.arithmetic :as ari :use [+ - * /]]))
(defrecord Measurement [factor units]
(invoke [a b] (* a b)))
(defn ^:private short-name [sym]
(if (= (namespace sym) (namespace `foo))
View thinks.txt
# books that helped form MY thinking about technology/programming/systems
## more so
Architecture of Symbolic Computers by Kogge
Art of the Metaobject Protocol by Kiczales, et al.
Bootstrapping by Thierry Bardini
Commodore 64 users guide
Computer Lib / Dream Machines by Ted Nelson
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