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Jenkins pipeline python virtualenv workarounds
node {
stage 'Checkout and Build'
createVirtualEnv 'env'
executeIn 'env', 'pip install -r requirements.txt'
executeIn 'env', './ test'
executeIn 'env', './ integration-test'
runCmd('pip install -r requirements.txt')
// one of the workaround
def createVirtualEnv(String name) {
sh "virtualenv ${name}"
def executeIn(String environment, String script) {
sh "source ${environment}/bin/activate && " + script
// alternative workaround
env.VENV_PATH = "${JENKINS_HOME}/.virtualenv/${JOB_NAME}/venv"
def virtualEnv(String rebuild){
if(rebuild == "true") {
sh "rm -rf ${env.VENV_PATH}"
sh "echo 'rebuild is true'"
sh returnStatus: true, script: "virtualenv ${env.VENV_PATH}"
def runCmd(String pyCmd){
sh returnStatus: true, script: "vex --path=${env.VENV_PATH} ${pyCmd}"
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