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Last active Feb 2, 2016
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[WP/173] UIImagePickerController 의 Shutter 제거
- (void)navigationController:(UINavigationController *)navigationController willShowViewController:(UIViewController *)viewController animated:(BOOL)animated {
// 기본 카메라를 구동할 때 나타나는 셔터 및 셔터 애니메이션을 제거한다.
for (UIView *view in [[viewController view] subviews]) {
if ([[[view class] description] isEqualToString:@"UIImageView"]) { // shutterImageView
[view removeFromSuperview];
if ([[[view class] description] isEqualToString:@"PLCropOverlay"]) {
for (UIView *subview in [view subviews]) {
if ([[[subview class] description] isEqualToString:@"PLCameraIrisAnimationView"]) { // shutterAnimationView
[subview removeFromSuperview];
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