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Original: КНДР стала второй после Сирии страной, поддержавшей российское вторжение в Украину []

North Korea becomes the second country, after Syria, to endorse Russian invasion of Ukraine

Blames USA for "worrysome events in Ukraine" including "cruel violation of people's right for self-determination".

This was declared by North Korean ambassador in Moscow Kim Yong Jae, as reported by RIA Novosti.

"Latest worrysome events in Ukraine, provoked and incited by conspirators according to pre-planned scenarios by USA and Western countries, conclusively show who truly is the instigator of all calamities on our planet, who achieved an overthrow of a sovereign government in broad daylight and cruelly violated peoples' rights for self-determination." -- said the diplomat during a reception marking 65th anniversary of economic and cultural partnership between Russia and North Korea.

The ambassador practically confirmed Russian military intervention in Ukraine with these words.

Earlier, Syrian dictator Bashar al-Assad also spoke in support of Russia.

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