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hiroaki256 / gist:8142865
Created Dec 27, 2013
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gitlab 6.2簡単インストール

# modify install script
curl >
chmod 744
sed -i "s/https:\/\/raw\.github\.com\/gitlabhq\/gitlab-recipes\/master\/apache\/gitlab/https:\/\/raw\.github\.com\/gitlabhq\/gitlab-recipes\/master\/web-server\/apache\/gitlab\.conf/g"   
sed -i "s/https:\/\/raw\.github\.com\/gitlabhq\/gitlabhq\/master\/lib\/support\/init.d\/gitlab/https:\/\/raw\.github\.com\/gitlabhq\/gitlab-recipes\/master\/init\/sysvinit\/centos\/gitlab-unicorn/g"
sed -i "s/GL_GIT_BRANCH=\"6-0-stable\"/GL_GIT_BRANCH=\"6-2-stable\"/g"

run install script

deris /
Created May 2, 2013


vimで使うキーの機能使用頻度と打ちやすさを整理してみました。 今回整理したのはnormalモードについてだけです。 機能の使用頻度と打ちやすさは、完全に個人の見解です。 キーボードによっても打ちやすさは変わると思います。


ProjectMoon /
Last active Jun 13, 2021
Patch that disables Subsonic license checking and validation

Update 2020 Edition: Use something like Airsonic instead. Subsonic's code is closed source at this point, and thus this patch is useless, unless you are using a 9 year old verison of Subsonic for some reason.

A patch to disable the licensing functionality in Subsonic, a GPL-licensed media streaming server/web interface. Use of the mobile apps requires you to get a license after 30 days of trial. You obtain a license via donation.

Except that's not a donation. So, here's a patch to fix that. Support the Subsonic project with a donation that's actually a donation. The program is developed and maintained very well.

Steps to victory

shizone / Excel方眼紙アドイン
Created May 20, 2011
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Option Explicit
Sub AddNewMenu()
On Error GoTo ErrHand
Dim cbrCmd As CommandBar
Dim cbcMenu As CommandBarControl
Set cbrCmd = Application.CommandBars("Worksheet Menu Bar")