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Javascript Regular Expressions

A regular expression or regex describes a pattern of characters. It can be used to perform powerful pattern-matching and search-and-replace functions on text.

Defining Regular Expressions

Regular expression literals let pattern = /s$/;

Regular Expression Object

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JavaScript Debouncer

Javascript Debouncer


When typing into a search input, there is a delay before the typeahead results appear. This functionality is controlled by a function called debounce().


The debounce() function delays processing of keyup event (events in general) until the user stopped typing for a specified amount of time.

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CSS Position Property to Align Elements

Using CSS Position property to Align Elements

Five main values of CSS Positions: position: static | relative | absolute | fixed | sticky

and helper properties for setting the coordinates of an element top | right | bottom | left | z-index These properties don't work without a declared position, or with static

z-index : As value increases, it moves in front of other elements,