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myclusterdb01:oracle:xxx \) ocrcheck
Device/File Name : +DATAC1
myclusterdb01:oracle:xxx \) crsctl query css votedisk
## STATE File Universal Id File Name Disk group
-- ----- ----------------- --------- ---------
1. ONLINE 1f0e72542d9a4f53bf942877a64b83e9 (o/; [DATAC1]
2. ONLINE 5a7d61bae7eb4f4dbff23efcb76ecc70 (o/; [DATAC1]
3. ONLINE 3c933333a4e14f52bf70976a701424df (o/; [DATAC1]
4. ONLINE 8a1b21cee7a54f19bf014291c048fd66 (o/; [DATAC1]
5. ONLINE 51ab24bf0c814fdcbfeca3b56218b65a (o/; [DATAC1]
Located 5 voting disk(s).
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