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public class MainActivity extends AppCompatActivity
implements ClassificationFrameProcessor.ClassificationListener {
private CameraView cameraView;
private TextView tvClassification;
private ClassificationFrameProcessor classificationFrameProcessor;
protected void onCreate(Bundle savedInstanceState) {
View outputs
Output, CoreML
(CPU) Prediction for Golden Retriever: golden retriever 0.611853480339
(GPU) Prediction for laptop: notebook 0.515091240406
Output, TensorFlow
Prediction for Golden Retriever: golden retriever 0.61186796
Prediction for laptop: notebook 0.51475537
TF_INPUT_TENSOR = 'input:0'
TF_OUTPUT_TENSOR = 'MobilenetV2/Predictions/Reshape_1:0'
with tf.Session(graph = g) as sess:
tf_laptop_out =, feed_dict={TF_INPUT_TENSOR: img_laptop_tf})
tf_golden_out =, feed_dict={TF_INPUT_TENSOR: img_golden_tf})
tf_laptop_out = tf_laptop_out.flatten()
tf_golden_out = tf_golden_out.flatten()
laptop_idx = np.argmax(tf_laptop_out)
golden_idx = np.argmax(tf_golden_out)
# Load TensorFlow frozen model
TF_FROZEN_MODEL = "mobilenet_v2_1.0_224_frozen.pb"
with open(TF_FROZEN_MODEL, 'rb') as f:
serialized_model =
graph_definition = tf.GraphDef()
with tf.Graph().as_default() as g:
tf.import_graph_def(graph_definition, name='')
# Prepare images for TensorFlow requirements
#Convert to expected type: float
img_laptop_tf = np.array(img_laptop).astype(np.float32)
# Setup expected input shape: [1,224,224,3]
img_laptop_tf = np.expand_dims(img_laptop_tf, axis = 0)
# Convert to expected values ranges: [0, 1]
img_laptop_tf = (1.0/255.0) * img_laptop_tf
print( 'Image shape:', img_laptop_tf.shape)
LABELS_FILE = 'ImageNetLabels.txt'
with open(LABELS_FILE) as f:
labels =
View coreml_prediction_output
Prediction for Golden Retriever: golden retriever 0.5627079010009766
Prediction for laptop: laptop 0.42153415083885193
INPUT_TENSOR = "input__0"
OUTPUT_TENSOR = "MobilenetV2__Predictions__Reshape_1__0"
# Prediction is run on CPU
coreml_output_golden = mlmodel.predict({INPUT_TENSOR: img_golden}, useCPUOnly=True)
#Prediction is run on GPU
coreml_output_laptop = mlmodel.predict({INPUT_TENSOR: img_laptop}, useCPUOnly=False)
img_golden = img_golden.resize([224,224], PIL.Image.ANTIALIAS)
img_laptop = img_laptop.resize([224,224], PIL.Image.ANTIALIAS)
# Load previously saved CoreML model of MobileNet v2
mlmodel = coremltools.models.MLModel('mobilenet_v2_1.0_224.mlmodel')
# Get spec from the model
spec = mlmodel.get_spec()
# Output
# >> input {
# >> name: "input__0"
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