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Installing a modern version of Aegisub on M1 Macs (Apple Silicon)

Update, March 2022: As of macOS 12.3, Aegisub r9198 and v3.3.2 (wangqr fork) no longer crash on launch.

Download a pre-built binary

ver. 9018-rcombs-local-6a556aac6: (129.6 MB, built 2021-12-23)

Or, build it yourself

These are instructions for the fish shell. Some commands (e.g. export, set) might be different if you're using bash or zsh instead (e.g. CPPFLAGS= instead of set CPPFLAGS)

1. Clone the repo

git clone
cd Aegisub/
git checkout rcombs-local

2. Install dependencies & setup

brew install autoconf automake ffmpeg ffms2 fftw freetype fribidi gettext icu4c libass m4 pkg-config boost
brew install luajit --HEAD
brew link --force gettext
export LDFLAGS="-L/opt/homebrew/opt/icu4c/lib"
export CPPFLAGS="-I/opt/homebrew/opt/icu4c/include"
export PKG_CONFIG_PATH="/opt/homebrew/opt/icu4c/lib/pkgconfig"

3. Build wxWidgets

cd vendor/wxWidgets/
git submodule update --init
./configure --disable-all-features --enable-unicode --enable-utf8 --enable-stl --enable-exceptions --enable-log --enable-threads --enable-palette --enable-baseevtloop --enable-selectloop --enable-gui --enable-timer --enable-menus --enable-intl --enable-xlocale --enable-statusbar --enable-sysoptions --enable-button --enable-bmpbutton --enable-listbook --enable-listbox --enable-listctrl --enable-checkbox --enable-textctrl --enable-hyperlink --enable-treebook --enable-image --enable-stopwatch --enable-scrollbar --enable-longlong --enable-geometry --enable-imaglist --enable-stc --enable-hotkey --enable-regkey --enable-graphics_ctx --enable-dataobj --enable-file --enable-ffile --enable-streams --enable-dragimage --enable-dnd --enable-radiobox --enable-radiobtn --enable-spinbtn --enable-spinctrl --enable-slider --enable-searchctrl --enable-stattext --enable-statline --enable-statbox --enable-statbmp --enable-toolbar --enable-tbarnative --enable-clipboard --enable-menubar --enable-msgdlg --enable-filedlg --enable-fontdlg --enable-textdlg --enable-choicedlg --enable-coldlg --enable-dirdlg --enable-numberdlg --enable-aboutdlg --enable-dataviewctrl --enable-datepick --enable-dirpicker --enable-filectrl --enable-filepicker --enable-fontpicker --enable-treectrl --enable-comboctrl --enable-rearrangectrl --enable-treelist --enable-timepick --enable-accel --enable-headerctrl --enable-variant --enable-datetime --enable-checklst --enable-choice --enable-choicebook --enable-combobox --enable-gauge --enable-tooltips --enable-validators --enable-std_string --enable-std-containers --enable-popupwin --enable-controls --enable-stc --enable-calendar --enable-sash --enable-splitter --enable-arcstream --enable-zipstream --enable-xpm --enable-dynlib --enable-dynamicloader --enable-fontenum --with-zlib --with-expat --with-libpng --with-cocoa --with-macosx-version-min=no --with-opengl --without-libjpeg --without-libtiff --without-regex
make -j10

4. Configure Aegisub

cd ../../
autoreconf -ivf
./configure --with-wxdir="$PWD/vendor/wxWidgets" --with-boost-libdir="/opt/homebrew/opt/boost/lib"

4. Janky fix for error

Edit libaegisub/common/charset.cpp Change #include <uchardet/uchardet.h> to #include <uchardet.h>

5. Build Aegisub

make osx-bundle
ln -s libicudata.69.1.dylib libicudata.69.dylib
ln -s libbrotlicommon.1.0.9.dylib libbrotlicommon.1.dylib
ln -s libicuuc.69.1.dylib libicuuc.69.dylib
cp /opt/homebrew/opt/boost/lib/libboost_system-mt.dylib libboost_system-mt.dylib
cd ../../../
codesign --force --deep --sign -
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AuroraWright commented Dec 24, 2021

@frozenpandaman I'm glad it worked! About the libboost_system it's not in my command line history and the -mt dylib seems to be different from the other one so maybe I copied it from the brew folder to the .app with Finder and forgot, I did all of this earlier today and was going off my zsh history so it's possible haha.
So maybe this could be added cp /opt/homebrew/opt/boost/lib/libboost_system-mt.dylib libboost_system-mt.dylib

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frozenpandaman commented Dec 30, 2021

@AuroraWright Ah, that's where the file is (makes sense). Thanks! I updated the instructions in the gist. And then if people don't want to go through all that themselves, they can just download the pre-built binary you posted. I'll mirror it to my site (since seems to only host files for 14 days) and link it above too.

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frozenpandaman commented Mar 20, 2022

FYI: wangqr/Aegisub#117 (comment)

cc @AuroraWright in case you're interested. I wonder what changed to make these builds work on macOS 12.3.

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