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Simple preforking echo server in Python
Simple preforking echo server in Python.
Python port of
import os
import sys
import socket
# Create a socket, bind it to localhost:4242, and start
# listening. Runs once in the parent; all forked children
# inherit the socket's file descriptor.
acceptor = socket.socket()
acceptor.bind(('localhost', 4242))
# Ryan's Ruby code here traps EXIT and closes the socket. This
# isn't required in Python; the socket will be closed when the
# socket object gets garbage collected.
# Fork you some child processes. In the parent, the call to
# fork returns immediately with the pid of the child process;
# fork never returns in the child because we exit at the end
# of the block.
for i in range(3):
pid = os.fork()
# os.fork() returns 0 in the child process and the child's
# process id in the parent. So if pid == 0 then we're in
# the child process.
if pid == 0:
# now we're in the child process; trap (Ctrl-C)
# interrupts by catching KeyboardInterrupt) and exit
# immediately instead of dumping stack to stderr.
childpid = os.getpid()
print "Child %s listening on localhost:4242" % childpid
while 1:
# This is where the magic happens. accept(2)
# blocks until a new connection is ready to be
# dequeued.
conn, addr = acceptor.accept()
# For easier use, turn the socket connection
# into a file-like object.
flo = conn.makefile()
flo.write('Child %s echo> ' % childpid)
message = flo.readline()
print "Child %s echo'd: %r" % \
(childpid, message.strip())
except KeyboardInterrupt:
# Sit back and wait for all child processes to exit.
# Trap interrupts, write a note, and exit immediately in
# parent. This trap is not inherited by the forks because it
# runs after forking has commenced.
os.waitpid(-1, 0)
except KeyboardInterrupt:
print "\nbailing"
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