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echo "FD & mnh
FD & minamhere
fd & MNH
Fd & MNH
fulld & mnh
fulld & minamhere
fulldecent & mnh
fulldecent & minamhere
fd MNH
fulld MNH
fd mnh
fulld mnh
fulldecent mnh
fd minamhere
fulld minamhere
fulldecent minamhere
" > at
rm -f at2; for A in $(cat at); do echo "$A" >> at2; echo "$A" | tr "&" "+" >> at2; done
rm -f at3; for A in $(cat at2); do echo "$A" >> at3; echo "$A" | tr -d " " >> at3; done
rm -f at4; for A in $(cat at3); do echo "$A" >> at4; echo "$A" | tr "[a-z]" "[A-Z]" >> at4; done
rm -f at5; for A in $(cat at4); do echo "$A" >> at5; echo "$A" | tr "[A-Z]" "[a-z]" >> at5; done
rm -f at6; for A in $(cat at5); do echo "$A" >> at6; echo "$A" | tr "[nm]" "[mn]" >> at6; done
for I in $(cat at6); do echo "$I" | md5 -p; echo -n "$I" | md5 -p; done
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