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Write out Reminders to file on desktop
tell application "Reminders"
set todo_accounts to every account
-- accounts have lists. loop thru accounts to get their lists.
repeat with i from 1 to length of todo_accounts
tell account i
set todo_lists to get every list
-- lists have reminders. loop thru lists to get their reminders
repeat with j from 1 to length of todo_lists
tell list j
set todos to (get reminders)
-- if there are no reminders for a list, then ignore the list
if length of todos is greater than 0 then
-- Write out the name of the list
do shell script "echo " & (quoted form of (get name)) & " >> ~/Desktop/todos.txt"
-- loop thru the reminders to get properties
repeat with k from 1 to length of todos
set this_todo to item k of todos
if this_todo is not completed then
do shell script "echo [ ] " & (quoted form of (get name of this_todo)) & " >> ~/Desktop/todos.txt"
end if
end repeat
end if
end tell
end repeat
end tell
end repeat
end tell
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fulldecent commented Oct 20, 2012

Only prints reminders that arent completed

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