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{-# LANGUAGE TypeOperators, DataKinds, FlexibleContexts, FlexibleInstances, UndecidableInstances, PolyKinds, TemplateHaskell #-}
import Data.Aeson (FromJSON(..), withObject)
import Data.Extensible (Record, Field(..), KeyValue, AssocKey, Forall, hgenerateFor)
import GHC.TypeLits (KnownSymbol, symbolVal)
import Data.Proxy
import Data.String (fromString)
import qualified Data.HashMap.Strict as HM
keyProxy :: proxy kv -> Proxy (AssocKey kv)
keyProxy _ = Proxy
instance Forall (KeyValue KnownSymbol FromJSON) xs => FromJSON (Record xs) where
parseJSON = withObject "Object" $ \v -> hgenerateFor (Proxy :: Proxy (KeyValue KnownSymbol FromJSON))
$ \m -> let k = symbolVal (keyProxy m) in case HM.lookup (fromString k) v of
Just a -> Field <$> return <$> parseJSON a
Nothing -> fail $ "Missing key: " ++ k
type Person = Record '["name" :> String, "age" :> Int]
> eitherDecode "{\"name\": \"Taro\", \"age\": 22}" :: Either String Person
Right (name @= "Taro" <: age @= 22 <: Nil)
> eitherDecode "{\"name\": \"Taro\"}" :: Either String Person
Left "Missing key: age"
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